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Welcome to Jack Beckman Software

Jack Beckman Software is a little project that grew out of the need for a better solution to a problem, like all good things do.  This isn't a full time job for me (that would be nice!). I write little programs on the side from my day job (writing programs and system administration).  If you need something small done, get in touch with me and maybe I can handcraft some software for you. I work relatively cheaply and, if I'm not bogged down with work or schoolwork, relatively quickly.

If you check out my "Software for Sale" you see that at the moment there's only one item - a little program I call "TicketDrum"  (which is probably why you're here). I've also got one freeware Mac-only program available, "LANMessage". None of my programs will start a revolution (or make me rich), but they might help you out a little.